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It isn’t easy to get ‘archery strong.’ Now, compound and recurve archers alike can do just that. In the Astra Archery Specific Physical Training Handbook, archers are given a rigid form strap, latex stretch tubing, and detailed instruction for safely increasing archery strength. Drills are laid out in detail and walk the reader through the necessary steps. Compound archers will happily find a section dedicated to them, as well as a convenient loop for their release while using the form strap. Getting the tension on a trigger has never been so easy.

A flexible stretch tubing is included for mirror work, indoor targetless practice, and release training.

The included rigid form strap allows for isometric strength training, alignment assistance, and serves as an effective warmup aide. The compound attachment loop allows for mechanical release training as well.

The rubber stretch band can be used with a finger-sling to work on releases and new elements of technique that are too difficult with an actual bow.

The stretch band doubles as a resistor on the bow string, adding approximately 20% to the draw force of the bow for strength training exercises.

The rigid form strap is effective at teaching alignment. By forcing the archer to compress his body into better alignment without changing his draw length (courtesy of the rigid nylon strap), he can comfortably create the biomechanically strongest position for shooting.

A quick-adjust ladder lock buckle easily changes the length of the form strap, accommodating archers of all ages, sexes, and skill levels.

The compound loop attachments gives compound archers the same technique benefits while using his own release. The loop accommodates nearly all release configurations.

Practicing squeezing the trigger with the Astra Archery form strap feels exactly like pulling against the wall of a compound. Recovering feeling in the middle of a competition has never been easier or more life-like.

The easy-to-read manual has dozens of bright, clear, full-color photos displaying all of the drills and exercises. Large headings break down each section, quickly and simply walking through all the steps of shooting. (20 pages)

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Adjustable rigid form strap.

Durable latex tubing.

50+ large full-color photos.

“I’m thinking that you’re only going to live this life once, and I’m not going to go through it complaining about my workouts just because they are hard.”

~ William Wagner


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