Der Bogenschütze von Innen - 1st Edition – Digital Download

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Der Bogenschütze von Innen - 1st Edition – Digital Download


The book that defined Olympic Recurve shooting. Written by Kisik Lee & Tyler Benner. All the same content as the original hardcover, now for your tablet. German language translation by Kurt Eggerling. 1st Edition.

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Inside the Archer, written by KiSik Lee and Tyler Benner, is the second installment of the Total Archery series. The text looks deeply into high-level Olympic archery with 28 expansive chapters. Written by coach / archer duo Lee and Benner, Inside the Archer details all the technical elements of shooting from the archer's perspective. The instructional text benefits coaches and archers alike with hundreds of photos, diagrams, and exercises. Inside the Archer is one of a kind in its collaborative teacher/student beginnings, providing the reader with a unique perspective into the difficult world of competitive archery. This digital version has been formatted for tablets.


Preview Chapter 4 – Einhaken

Download a high resolution pdf of Chapter 4 – Einhaken as a free preview

KiSik Lee

KiSik Lee is a man who hardly needs an introduction. His athletes have won dozens of medals at Olympic and World competitions and set countless world records. Lee has established himself while coaching in Korea, Australia, and the United States, making him a true citizen of the world. His decorated career and 30+ years of experience as a coach make him the premier global voice of archery technique.

Lee currently lives in Chula Vista, California, where he serves as the Head Coach for the United States of America at the Arco USA Olympic Training Center. Lee’s wife, Ha Park, lives with him there.


Tyler Benner

Despite having a family steeped in archery history, his grandfather having been a champion field archer during the heyday 60s, Tyler did not start shooting competitively until he was 14 years old. Forever the inquisitive mind, Tyler continually sought the correct words and explanations to describe the sport he loved. After attending Claremont McKenna College, dual majoring in Physics and Philosophy, and conducting a series of research projects on the harmonics of archery, Tyler moved to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, to train full-time with KiSik Lee. For two years Tyler trained intensively under the careful tutelage of Lee. A kinship grew between the two of them, a powerful relationship seen best through the creation of the book, Inside the Archer, a collaboration between the master, Lee, and the student, Benner.

Tyler is now pursuing writing, photography, and entrepreneurialism.



Inside the Archer is the best example I have found for understanding and learning [the techniques used by the top archers in the world], and is a superb resource for anyone who wants to break into the upper echelons of shooting.
— Bow International – Grant Womack
If there was ever any doubt regarding any detail of [Coach Lee’s teachings], the answer must surely be in the pages of Inside the Archer. Never before has there been such a comprehensively detailed guide to shooting your best. And as the archer begins to read and absorb some of the ideas, the idea of the shot cycle comes together in a surprisingly simple, graceful way.
Inside the Archer provides more information than any of us knew existed about the most minute details of our beloved sport.
— Lindsey Carmichael – 2008 Paralympic Bronze Medalist
If you are either an elite Olympic-style archer or elite Olympic-style coach or one of those desiring to become such, here is my recommendation:
• Absolutely Must Read Again and Again
— Archery Focus – Steve Ruis
Coach Lee and Tyler Benner together have put together a book that will become know as a masterpiece in the publishing world just as the great works of art from early Europe have become legendary down through the ages. Tyler has taken the presentation of technical details to new heights in the ease of readability and understanding. This book is both informative and instructive in its presentation and can easily be used as a textbook on the Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique (commonly known as the BEST Method).

The layout is superb as is the photography. As a coach, I find it very useful when working with a student archer. Having the ability to show the student Coach Lee’s system in pictures and words and then helping the student to achieve the proper use of the form is invaluable. I highly recommend this book to both archer and coach alike. Anyone who is serious about progressing to the higher levels of competition cannot be without this tool. Do whatever you have to do to get a copy, but by all means, get a copy! You won’t regret the effort.
— James White – US Archery Coach

Olympic Gold Medal Forewords

Olympic Gold Medalists Park Sung-Hyun and Park Kyung-Mo authored forewords for Inside the Archer.

Readers are in for an amazing experience that spreads a level of coaching never before seen. I believe Inside the Archer will be a catalyst for a new generation of archers shooting scores never before dreamed possible.
— PARK Kyung-Mo
Since neither the human body nor the recurve bow are likely to do much changing in the future, Inside the Archer may well be the final word on how to shoot the recurve bow.
— PARK Sung-Hyun