AAE KSL Gold Finger Tab

AAE KSL Finger Tab

It’s time to make shooting comfortable. 

AAE Archery and Astra Archery are happy to present the KSL Finger Tab. The cutting-edge design pioneered by KiSik Lee represents a breakthrough in comfort, ergonomics, and feedback. Every swooping curve, bend, and edge has been designed to mimic the contours of the shooting hand while prompting correct technique and providing a secure fit. A dense, heavier brass option is available for archers wanting a heftier feel. Gone are the days of worrying about positioning the tab just so from shot to shot – the KSL Finger Tab fits like a glove every time.

You can purchase the KSL Gold Finger Tab through our partners, AAE
from $72.99

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Coach with the golden touch

The KSL Finger Tab proudly wears KiSik Lee's initials, signifying not just his endorsement, but the implementation of his design and coaching ideology behind this revolutionary product – the first prototypes were designed by him at the US Olympic Training Center in early 2007.

Preview Chapter 4 – Hooking

Download a high resolution pdf of Inside the Archer : Chapter 4 - Hooking, to aid in using the AAE KSL Finger Tab. Technique secrets within!