We started Astra Archery to share the teachings of Total Archery: Inside the Archer. Helping archers learn holding with proper shot balance and angular execution is our passion.

Fear drives all of the failures in archery. What if something at the crucial moment goes wrong? Something is always going wrong. If you have to feel comfortable to shoot the arrow, you are already lost. Only a fool would ask favors of the wind.
— Lee & Benner
Prototype KSL Finger Tab

AAE KSL Gold Finger Tab

The AAE KSL Gold finger tab was created at the US Olympic Training Center in 2007 because there were no manufacturers making ergonomic tabs designed for shooting with angular motion. The first tabs were drawn on paper, cut out of sheet metal, and hand-tapped. The tab body was bent in a vice grip. Lee and his archers used these prototype tabs for several years, shooting hundreds of thousands of arrows with them.

Following the production of Inside the Archer in 2009, Astra Archery connected with Arizona Archery Enterprises and synthesized the features of these prototype tabs into a mass-production product. It is the only tab on the market designed for the techniques described in Inside the Archer.


The Shot Trainer Changed Everything

The first Shot Trainer was made in 2007 at the US Olympic Training Center – the same time as the KSL Gold Finger Tab was being developed. The Shot Trainer represented a step-change in form aids, integrating features and functions that focused on helping archers feel and control the forces of releasing the bowstring. 

10 minutes with the Shot Trainer and you'll never be the same. It doesn't matter what your skill level is, if you've never shot with one before, your technique and shot strength will be forever augmented after only 10 minutes. Thousands of happy archers later, we're proud to make the best training aid on the market.

Shot Trainer Jake Kaminski

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